December    1,  2019

Prelude                       In the First Light                     Guitars group

Announcements                                                         Pastor Milroy

Bible Reading                 James  5:13-20                  Dana M


Hymn  # 201              O Come, All Ye Faithful

Offering and Offertory 

Congregational Prayer                                             Dana M

Hymn  # 212              Go Tell It on the Mountain

Special                        Shepherd’s Song                     Men’s Group

**Junior Church dismissed

Message                      How to help your brethren

Chorus                       Wonderful Merciful Savior



 5:00 pm – Choir practice

 6:00 pm – Devotion and Prayer

Coming Up This Week

 December 4…Wednesday…6:30 pm…A Bible study focusing on  the topic of Rapture (10) presented on video by Kevin Bauder.

 December 6…Friday…6:00 pm…Ladies Christmas party!  There will be information sheets to be handed out, please be looking for them!

 December 7…Saturday…8:00 am…Pulpit committee meeting followed by a deacons meeting.   


Future Events

 December 8…Sunday…after morning service…Mission’s committee meeting. 

 December 15…Sunday…2:00 pm…Cloverhill Adult Residence ministry.  The choir will be presenting ‘Light of Bethlehem’ Cantata.  You are invited to join us! 

 December 22…Sunday…11:00 am…Christmas Cantata – ‘Light of Bethlehem!’ Plan to join us and invite a friend! 

 December 27, 28…Friday & Saturday…Marriage Refresh!  By Northeast Fellowship with the theme ‘In Every Season.’  It’s one-night get-away held at Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel.  See the bulletin for the cost, time, & information, register by Dec. 9.  

 December 29…Sunday…11:00 am…Rev. Glenn Richards will be speaking.  Please keep him in prayer.



*Ladies, there is a sign-up sheet for ‘Fellowship Openings,’ please help by providing for the months to come.  Thanks!

*Men, the snow season is here!  Please help us out in keeping the snow off the sidewalk & salted!  Thanks!  

*There are new serving schedules out on the back table in the entryway.

*There are new envelopes for giving for 2020 look for them on the library area.  If you don’t give by using the envelope system and would like too, please talk to Doug M.          

*We have a bulletin board in the entryway for Christmas cards sent to the church membership, please feel free to post your card.  You may also use the ‘pigeon holes’ boxes in the entryway to send Christmas cards or notes to particular individuals.

*If you have military soldier in your family and desire them to be on our prayer board, please give their information & picture to Eileen M.  Thanks. 


                                 Prayer needs

-Mary C  & her family

-Doug M

-Terri M

-Pulpit committee – wisdom and guidance in looking for a pastor      


Focus in Prayer this week

Mike & Lucille Quasha – Retired missionaries from Jewish Awareness Ministry

-Mike and his progress in overcoming his stroke challenges

-Lucille as she cares for Mike and her mother as well

-Opportunities in their interactions with doctors & nurses