November     10,  2019


Announcements                                                         Mike L

Bible Reading          1Corinthians 11:23-34            Roland M


Hymn  # 571                          When We All Get to Heaven

Choir                                      Homeward Bound

**Junior Church dismissed

Message                      “When you come together…”


Chorus                                   Psalm 130

Offering and Offertory 

Recognition of Veterans

Congregational Prayer                                             Pastor Milroy

Hymn  # 392                          Who Is on the Lord’s Side                             




 9:55 a.m.…Membership class during the S.S. hour.

 After a.m. service  – We will have a nomination committee meeting

 5:00 pm – Choir practice

 6:00 pm – Devotion and Prayer


Coming Up This Week

 November 11…Monday….Veteran’s Day… Encourage a veteran!

 November 13…Wednesday….6:30 p.m.… A bible study focus on the topic of Rapture (8) presented on video by Kevin Bauder. 

 November 16…Saturday…6:00 pm…Harvest Supper.  Theme: God’s Faithfulness in Time.  Thaddaeus Dragula, retired Pastor and one of us will be bringing the message.  Please invite visitors and sign them up if they are coming!   Also, please sign up to bring food.  Thank you.


Future Events

 November 17…Sunday…2:00 pm…Cloverhill Adult Residence ministry.  Gerry B  will be speaking.  You are invited to join us! 





*Ladies, there is a sign-up sheet for ‘Fellowship Openings,’ please help by providing for the months to come.  Thanks!

*Men, the mowing time is over!  Thank you for participating and helping us keep the lawn cut.  Of course, the snow season is coming.  Please help us out in keeping the snow removed!  Thanks!  

*There are new serving schedules out on the back table in the entryway.

*Any survey’s please give them to Mike L.!        


                                 Prayer needs

-Doug M

-Terri M

-Matt M


-Drew W

-Pulpit committee – wisdom and guidance in looking for a pastor      


Focus in Prayer this week

Nathan & Maam Beckman –  serving in Thailand with Baptist Mid-Missions

-Thailand’s immigration laws changed & extra requirements; pray for new circumstances & wisdom for the Beckmans   

-For new Thais to receive Jesus Christ & foreigners to seek that as well

-For Gun, a member of Pinklao Baptist Church, starting bible school, growth in his development