Our History

A Brief History of Victory Baptist Church from September 1989 to May 1999

Victory Baptist Church started as a concern and a burden on the hearts of Jack Baker and Ken Baehr for an Independent Baptist Church in Albion in September of 1989.


Jack and Ken met for prayer breakfasts and went door to door determining interest in a Baptist church, which there was.


Aug., 1990 - At Family week at Lamoka Camp, Pastor McCarthy shared that Baptist Missions of North America had gone under and that he was homeless. Ken shared with Mike at “Hunger Haven”, his desire to approach Pastor McCarthy to involve him in the possible work.


Sept. 28, 1990 - The Bakers, the Baehrs, the McCarthys, and the Watkins meet to consider the work.


Oct., 1990 - A Bible study was started at Friendship Manor.


Mar. 3, 1991 - The first service of Victory Baptist Church was held at Crimson Heights.


Apr., 1991 - Victory Baptist Church was officially placed under Baptist Church Planters.


Feb. 4, 1993 - The first Deacon’s meeting was held.


May 12, 1993 - We have our first Missionaries, the Hickeys with Jewish Awareness Ministries.


May 25, 1993 - After the recognition council, we had our Recognition service as a Baptist Church.


Sept., 1993 - The Joy Club program began.


Nov. 29, 1993 - Purchase offer made to Peter Dragon for 5 acres of land on the Clarendon Road.


May 29, 1994 - Vote to pursue current piece of property.


Aug. 17, 1994 - Voted and passed purchase of land.


Jan., 1995 - Received the go ahead to build on the property.


Mar., 1995 - Ground broke for the new building.


Apr., 1995 - Building permit was obtained and footers were put in.


May 8, 1995 - Walls go up.


May 21, 1995 - High winds blow down half of the trusses.


July 18, 1995 - Crimson Heights Office building burned. Work night and family picnic had been planned for that night at the church.


July 19, 1995 - Prayer meeting was held at Baker’s Friendship Manor. It was decided services would be held there temporarily.


June 26, 1996 - Major decision - carpet and linoleum color vote.


Aug. 25, 1996 - First service held in our new building.


Sept. 19, 1996 - Received our temporary Certificate of Occupancy.


Feb., 1997 - The Pulpit Committee was established.


Oct. 19, 1997 - Dedication Service of our building.


Jan., 1998 - Received our permanent Certificate of Occupancy.


Aug., 1998 - Our first Vacation Bible School.


Nov. 4 , 1998 - Church voted and accepted 100% for Pastor Milroy and his family to come to carry on the work.


Dec. 28, 1998 - Pastor Milroy and family arrive with books in hand.


May 15, 1999 - Graduation day from Mission status to a Regular Independent Baptist Church.