Who We Are

Who We Are

We would like introduce you to our church. Victory Baptist Church began as a burden that was laid on the heart of two men. Jack Baker and Ken Baehr, along with their wives Marylin and Evie, felt the leading of God to pray about planting a church in the Albion area. What started out as a prayer meeting in the fall of 1990, blossomed into the church’s first service in March on 1991.

VBC organized as a church in 1993 for the purpose “to glorify God through the salvation of the lost and edification of the believers.” (VBC Constitution) It is our desire that in seeking to please God we might have a beneficial influence in our community and surrounding region. We believe the living God wants people to acknowledge and know Him through a personal and real relationship. God has made known His desires and demands through His ‘Word’ which is called the ‘Holy Bible.’ It is on the truths of the Bible (i.e. Word of God) that we focus our ministries at VBC. This is our vision statement:

We at Victory Baptist Church, according to the Word of God, are a body of believers committed to worshiping God and honoring the Name of Jesus Christ by loving one another and giving ourselves in ministry for training the saints and telling the gospel.

Our desire as a local body of Christ is to serve Him together and to witness of Him to those who have never met or understood Him. Therefore, the programs of our church focus on knowing Jesus Christ (through teaching) and showing Jesus Christ (through living) to those who have never met Him or experienced His presence. We are not a perfect group of people (though we have a perfect Savior!), but we are learning and growing together that we might live in a mature manner that pleases our Lord and helps us care for one another biblically and graciously.

We welcome you to come learn about God through knowing Jesus Christ His Son and grow together with us in pleasing God by loving each other and giving ourselves in faithful service unto Him. 

We are a warm and welcoming church. Many who visit, stay, saying "You are like a family!" You can sense the genuine love for one another. We welcome all who come. Come as you are. We know the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of those who come. We desire to share the HOPE that is in us with you!

We hope to see you soon.